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Google chart - an astrological analysis

The astrological explanation of Google success...personal point of view

We all now about Google and their history. I've got the curiosity to look up at their chart and to try to identify the source(s) of their success.
I've find on their milestone page ( Google milestone - now it was removed) the exact date when Larry and Sergey opened the doors to Google:
September 7, 1998 in Menlo Park. Regarding the hour I think that using 11:00am we are closer enough to the exact date ...I assumed that they didn't wait until afternoon in order to launch their business. The chart raised for that time and place is the following:

So, we a have a Virgo (sun placement) Google company with a not so sure Scorpio Ascendant. If you think what is the main business of Google we can say that the Sun placed in Virgo is very appropriate: searching, analyzing, sorting, ordering...there all Virgo attributes. Also placement of Sun into 11th house , on cusp, show us that Google is project based company with a lot of initiatives. The Sun-Chiron sextile outline the originality and sometimes 'hybrid' ideas of the Google products and services.

Search engines...this is the main business of the Google. Searching engines from astrology point of view might be represented mainly by Mercury (information searching and ordering, curiosity , small detailes), 3rd house (similar with Mercury) and Uranus as internet and IT ruler. If we look into the Google chart you will observe some interesting things:
- Mercury : conjunct North Node and Venus and trine from Saturn. You can say that Google is excellent in searching and extracting raw information (Mercury), ordering/organizing it (Saturn) and put it in a user friendly and 'lovely' form (Venus). And is doing this in order to comply with its his means or purpose in life (NorthNode).
- 3rd house: with cusp in Capricorn (showing us the determination and seriousity in searching the WWW for specific information) is populated by Neptune (Uranus it might be placed in 4th house). The Neptune in 3rd might simply outline the output of this company (Neptun is the symbol of the ouptut or the results of our efforts): good quality seach results or attentions to detailes/ small pieces of informations.
- Uranus: the position of this planet is interesting , opposition with Mars and square with Chiron forming an T-Square. This configuration is very powerfull and it can be the motivation of creating new products and services. This energy released by T-square make Google very daring and always accepting new challanges. And in the same time is a source of new excellent ideas, projects and finally products and services. The originality (Chiron) is always pushed to the limits by the company desire to action (Mars) and by the inventivity of his own peoples (Uranus).
Until now we outlined why Google is doing what is doing and why is so original and inventive. But now let's try to find out why Google is so succesfully.

For Google the word popularity is not an unsual term. There is not internet user to not hear or use Google. Also Google is surprising by it's simplicity in use.
If we look into the G. chart we will observe another interesting thing: the positions of Moon and Jupiter. The first thing to observe is that both planets are placed in 5th house and are excellent aspected.

The Moon in a company chart outline the popularity, the employees and the products. Moon in 5th house and in Aries show us that Google employees are very creative and they are energetically (Aries) expressing it. It also show us that the Google products and services are 'loved' by their customers.

Jupiter on the other hand in 5th house emphasize all the creativity activities of the company and allows a better planning of resources. Being retrograde might seems not very good for the company. But it's not true. Jupiter retrograde helps Google not becoming too adventurous in starting new things and on making always making Google managers to make a step back and re-analyze and re-think previous planning. It allows them to have a different persepective on the same action plan, product or project.

The popularity of Google comes from the Moon excellent aspected and also from the position of Mars on Midheaven plus triple conjunction Venus-Mercury-NorthNode in 10th house. Mars in 10th house shows us that Google is a very active player on the market and it always searching new ways to expand and increase their reputation. Mars trine Moon is an excellent aspect which allows Google to have a strong support from their customers for each of their actions and initiative.

I will end here this analysis...just a small issue to remind: Why Google stocks failed this weeks? Just look at the present transits: Saturn in transit square natal Saturn. The first lesson for Google to learn...more to come. In a future post I will discuss about astrological financial aspects of Google.

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