Sunday, January 01, 2006

New moons in 2006 and sabian symbols

The new moon phase marks the begining of a new lunar cycle. At the New Moon the Sun and the Moon are in perfect conjunction (the same exact place). The moment when the Sun and the Moon are in perfect opposition is called Full Moon.
A complete lunar cycle contains the following phases: NEWMOON ,CRESCENT MOON ,WAXING HALFMOON,GIBBOUS MOON,FULLMOON,WANING GIBBOUS MOON,WANING HALFMOON,WANING CRESCENT MOON.If you want to read more about Moon and the lunation cycle visit Astrology Articles Database website.

Below you can find a list of all New Moon times for 2006 and their correspondent sabian symbol (for more information about sabian symbols you can visit

Note: all the times listed are GMT UK

29 Jan 2006 14:14 Aquarius 9 degrees 32 minutes
Sabian Symbol: "A Man Who Had For A Time Become The Embodiment Of A Popular Ideal Is Made To Realize That As A Person He Is Not This Ideal"

28 Feb 2006 00:30 Pisces 9 degrees
Sabian Symbol: "An Aviator Pursues His Journey, Flying Through Ground-Obscuring Clouds"

29 Mar 2006 10:15 Aries 8 degrees 35 minutes
Sabian Symbol:"A Crystal Gazer"

27 Apr 2006 19:44 Taurus 7 degrees 24 minutes
Sabian Symbol:"A Sleigh On Land Uncovered By Snow"

27 May 2006 05:26 Gemini 5 degrees 48 minutes
Sabian Symbol:"Workmen Drilling For Oil"

25 Jun 2006 16:05 Cancer 3 degrees 58 minutes
Sabian Symbol:"A Cat Arguing With A Mouse"

25 Jul 2006 04:31 Leo 2 degrees 07 minutes
Sabian Symbol:"A Middle-Aged Woman, Her Long Hair Flowing Over Her Shoulders And In A Braless Youthful Garment"

23 Aug 2006 19:10 Virgo 0 degrees 31 minutes
Sabian Symbol:"In A Portrait, The Significant Features Of A Man's Head Are Artistically Emphasized"

22 Sep 2006 11:45 Virgo 29 degrees 20 minutes
Sabian Symbol:"Totally Intent Upon Completing An Immediate Task, A Man Is Deaf To Any Allurement"

22 Oct 2006 05:14 Libra 28 degrees 40 minutes
Sabian Symbol:"Mankind's Vast And Enduring Effort To Reach For Knowledge Transferable From Generation To Generation"

20 Nov 2006 22:17 Scorpio 28 degrees 27 minutes
Sabian Symbol:"The King Of The Fairies Approaching His Domain"

20 Dec 2006 14:00 Sagittarius 28 degrees 32 minutes
Sabian Symbol:"A Fat Boy Mowing The Lawn Of His House On An Elegant Suburban Street"


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