Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Grand Cross Mars-Jupiter-Saturn-Neptun

These days we are living under the influence of a powerfull astrological configuration : the Grand Cross formed by Mars - Jupiter - Saturn and Neptun.

The Grand Cross consists of four or more planets spread at intervals of approximately 90° and two oppositions is formed in the chart. This configuration is a very stressing one because the energies of those 4 planets involved are forming hard aspects (quadratures and oppositions). The energy released by this configuration is very intense one and it may lead to all kinds of powerfull and changing events.

The current Grand Cross is already activated and the results are known to everyone.I'm reffering to the Hemel Hempstead oil depot explosion near London.

I've searched in the past (using Configuration Hunter Software ) to see if this Grand Cross occured before. And for my suprise in September 1926 the same Grand Cross was active for several days (from 12.09.1926 to 25.09.1926).

The 1926 Grand Cross took place in the same fixes signs as it follows: Mars in Taurus, Jupiter in Aquarius, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptun in Leo.
The 2005 Gradn Cross contains the following structure: Mars in Taurus, Jupiter in Scorpio, Saturn in Leo and Neptun in Aquarius.

If in 2005 the event in discussion is the oil depot explosion near London in 1926 we have the Great Miami Hurricane .

This means that in 2005 we had fire events and in 1926 we had water events. On both cases the air was a very important element.

Now let's take a look at the astrological implications:
- Saturn in 2005 it was in Leo (fire sign) and in 1926 it was in Scorpio (water sign)
- Jupiter as an amplifier it was in Scorpion in 2005 (sign of accidents, explosions) and in 1926 it was in Aquarius (sign of winds)
- Mars in the same sign (earth sign) could indicate that the effects of these events are impacting large areas of dry land.

No question that the Grand Crosses are very strong and powerfull and very often the energy is released in a violent way.

I looked for in the future and until 2100 I couldn't find these configuration forming again.


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