Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hemel Hempstead - oil depot explosion chart (astrological point of view)

As we all find out by now on December 11th 2005 at 6:03am a huge explosion took place at the Hemel Hempstead fuel depot, near London. There were no registered deaths but only forty-three people have been injured.

The Buncefield depot is a major distribution terminal operated by Total and part-owned by Texaco, storing oil and petrol as well as kerosene which supplies airports across the region, including Heathrow and Luton.

In this post I will try to outline some of the most important aspects and to post the charts of the events.
Below you can find the chart for the of the first explosion:

The explosion took place just 2 days after Mars was start moving directly.

The most important aspect of the chart is represented by the Grand Cross Jupiter-Saturn- Mars-Neptun. This configuration is a very powerful ones and correlated with the Mars retrograde period caused a lot of accidents since his forming.

At the moment of explosion Jupiter was conjunct with 12th house cusp, Mars with 6th house cusp and Saturn with 9th house cusp. This series of conjunctions amplified the power of the Grand Cross.

Sun conjunct with Pluto in 1st house : the energy of the sun amplifies the distructive energy of the Pluto (both in a Fire sign). Also the Pluto is the ruling the Ascendant (in Scorpio).

In my search on internet I've found some information related with Hemel Hempstead city.
According with Docurum Council official site :

"Like the other new towns in the post-war programme to rehouse one million Londoners recovering from the worst effects of the 1939-45 war, the rapid expansion of Hemel Hempstead began with the New Towns Act passed in 1946.
This led to the setting up of the Hemel Hempstead Development Corporation, formally inaugurated under the Chairmanship of Lord Reith (of BCC fame) on 6 March 1947. "

I've made the chart for that date (equal house systems):

Also I've posted below the Hemmel natal chart with explosion trasits:

If we look at the transits we can observe the followings interesting aspects:
- Saturn transiting Pluto (natal)
- Pluto in transit is forming a opposition wirth natal Uranus
- Uranus is conjunct wirth natal Mars and Sun (at the midpoint of them) and in quadrature with North Node


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