Monday, January 16, 2006

Surviving the Sun-Moon square aspect

Sun square Moon ... a stressing astrological aspect but with an extraordinary evolving potential.

The square aspect (or quadrature) between two planets shows us the existence of a strong internal conflict between the energies of the involved elements.
Any square to the Sun in a person chart is a very damaging aspect because the person primary of source of energy is blocked or is not in resonance with the other planet energy. His self-expression is blocked and the person is finding hard to express his potential.

The Sun-Moon square is even more stressing than any other square because of the direct connection between those two elements. If the Sun is our inner self, the conscient , the primary resource of energy the Moon represents the subconscient, our emotions.

A square between this two elements show us the presence of a blockaje between our conscient side, our will and our emotions or subconscient. The person with this aspect tends to be permanent unhappy and nothing that is doing bring her peace and happiness. He(she) is trapped in a situation that seems without exit point: when he is decided to do something in a conscient manner knowing that this action is the best possible way there is still a inner voice that is saying "No!No! Don't do it". The vice-versa is also aplicable: if the person is feeling something from the emotional point of view, the mental or the conscient of that person is denying it.

This situation may lead to distructive reactions and actions...the person may project his internal dillema to the outside world. He or she will start to think that this internal problem may be caused by external factors like friends, children, husband or wife. And this might be the start of the end....

You may feel happy and secured that in your chart you don't have this Moon-Sun square :)
But I got news for you...You may experience this aspect for the duration of a year .... in your Solar Return....if you have Sun-Moon square in a SR chart you will have to deal with this internal conflict.
I'm talking from experience. In my last Solar Return I had this aspect ...and it was no funny. Especially if you are not aware for of it from the first time. I lived with this aspect fro over 6 months until I've discovered the source of my stress.

Now back to your title...Surviving Sun-Moon square

The solution consist in becoming conscient about your self and about this inner conflict. First thing to do is to accept it and becoming aware that this is an internal not external conflict. Any unhappiness or stress is inside you...not in your outside world. Don't blame the others for something that is depending entirely on you.

Secondly....focus. Set your targets, your priorities, make your decisions and do not waste any more time on this process. Any done action it cannot be done. Assume the responsability of your actions and do not thinks again in terms of "Is it good or not? I've took the right decision? What if...?". I know it's hard but is the only way.

And finally you should start using the positive side of this aspect. The main ideea is to use this internal anger and lack of satisfaction on improving your situation (both spiritual and material). The secret is to focus it on the productive area of your life and to apply an extreme control. Set targets before starting something and do not change them until you accomplish your goals. Doing link this you will be able to use a very powerful energy that exists in you and you will be able to do great things.

I hope that I could help with this written words mostly because I know what is all about. And I now how hard is it to deal with such emotions and feelings.

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