Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Moon/Mars midpoint

A midpoint in astrology is an energetic point on the birth chart located at half of the distance between two planets or other chart elements.

From astrological point of view a midpoint is the place where the energies of two involved planets are merging and combining in equal proportion. It has no importance how strong and weak are the planets ... at their halfway distance their energies are manifesting equally. As a result of this blending a new type of energy is formed which will contain characteristics from both sources.

Now you can imagine that are a lot of midpoints and it is a very difficult job for an astrologer to look at all of them. It is important to look at the midpoints which are conjunct with a planet, Ascendant, Midheaven, Descendant, Nadir or any other chart element.

The most famous midpoint is the Sun/Moon midpoint. This point provides additional information regarding our relationships and desire for companionship.

But for the moment I will discuss about Moon/Mars midpoint.

We can define this midpoint as the place where our emotionally level (Moon) is meeting with our energy and our will or desire (Mars).
This is very important point when we are analyzing the health status of a person. The Moon/Mars express the person inner strength and resistance (emotionally and physically) and it can show us the capacity of overcome any obstacle. It is also a general health indicator.

Examples of Moon/Mars midpoint

Pope John Paul II (see chart
Description:85 years ... a long life we might say. He also succeded to overcome a series of accidents and serious health problems.
Moon/Mars is located at 12 degrees Leo in 10th house and conjunct with Jupiter.

Charles Baudelarie (see chart )
Description:Drugs addicted (opium) , syphilis and madness elementes.
Moon/Mars is located at 26 Taurus closed to Algol fixed star.

Kurt Cobain
Description: Drugs addicted , suicide at 27 years.
Moon/Mars is at 7 degree Virgo, 12th house , Sun opposition

Women (confidential info)
Description: surgical intervetion (at ovaries)
Moon/Mars is at 27 degree Leo and in conjunction with Pluto.

Stefano Casiraghi (
Description: died at the age of 30 in an accident during a sport event.
Moon/Mars at 26 degree Taurus , 12th house and near Algol fixed star.


We can say that the Moon/Mars is an interesting point on the chart and we can extract a lot of usefull information regarding health and medical status of a person. It must be used carefully and only in related with the rest of the astrology chart elements.

For more information regarding midpoint you go to Midpoints Articles where you can find some usefull articles.


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